Concord, CA is located about 30 miles south of San Francisco. It has a multicultural population and a global cuisine. Here are some of the best foods in Concord, CA.

During a seminar, I was introduced to the town of Concord in California. I had never considered it as a destination to visit. After talking to a Visit Concord representative, I was intrigued. Why are we not hearing more about this city that is only 32 miles from San Francisco, and just 42 miles from Napa Valley? When I decided to explore the best restaurants in Concord I was not disappointed.

Find the best restaurants in Concord

When I visited Concord on my road trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley, I discovered that many people ignore the town. Highway 4 bypasses the city. After a three-day stay, I realized that those people were missing out on a town that quietly built its reputation with its beautiful architecture and parks, as well as its music and diverse cuisine.

Todos Santos Plaza is a focal point for Concord, CA. Photo by MARELBU, via Creative Commons

Visit the Veranda shopping center, which is a well-planned, newly constructed mall. You will find families from many different ethnicities enjoying the green areas, the pond that has a water show and the gymnastic equipment conveniently placed for the children.

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They have shared their native foods with each other. Restaurants and food trucks have popped up in the city. Around noon, you’ll see workers coming into restaurants to eat their favorite meal.

Restaurante Pancho Villa is one of the best restaurants in Concord

When I am alone at a restaurant, I pay more attention to my surroundings. This was something I did when visiting Pancho Villa. It’s so beautiful, I wish I could paint it. The interior design, which was popular during the pandemic, has an industrial feel. The scene, with its white background and gray and black furnishings, was serene and welcomed after a long road trip. The background music was salsa, which added to my feeling that I had arrived at the perfect place and time.

Pro tip It’s in a shopping mall next to a Habitat for Humanity Store.

Fajitas at Restaurante Pancho Villa. Photo by Kathy Condon

As I was on a trip, I decided to stray from my usual Mexican food of chile Rellenos. I chose the mixed fajitas platter.

Steam rose into the air as a platter was delivered. A tantalizing smell filled the room. On the platter, there were a variety of peppers and onions, along with shrimp, beef, and chicken. My meal was accompanied by beans, rice and homemade corn tortillas.

This restaurant is at the top of my list of best Mexican restaurants. I’ll be back. Each bite I took was perfect.

Alpine Pastry lives up to its reputation

I heard Alpine Pastry and Cakes celebrated its 50th Anniversary. This was my first indication that this might be an interesting place to visit. I’ll confess. I’m a little picky, because my daughter lives in France. As a result, I’ve eaten some amazing pastries during my travels. So, the jury was still out on whether this place would live up to my expectations.

The parking lot was almost full. That was my first clue that they were onto something. I parked in the street, and then decided to take a stroll through the beautiful streets lined with trees to get to the bakery. The weather was perfect and it was a great way to start the day.

When I entered the shop, there were about nine people ahead of me. The line snaked through glass cases filled an assortment of Danish pastry. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the selection and had not yet had my morning coffee. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with the apricot Danish or pass up that macaroon.

Apricot Danish made with Alpine Pastry. Photo by Kathy Condon

After grabbing a coffee and my purchases, I walked out onto the patio to enjoy the peace. After one bite, it was clear why this bakery has been in business 50 years. Their Danish heritage is evident in their recipes.

Doppio Zero Serves Up Italian Food

I was thrilled to hear that there was an excellent Italian restaurant located directly across the street from my hotel. I went out. Doppio Zero, located in the Veranda mall, has bright blue cushion chairs with blue umbrellas. The view was beautiful.

Why not order a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the weather while I’m on my culinary adventure? It’s not just me, but lasagna has always been one of my favourite Italian dishes. The amount of dishes that need to be cleaned afterward have often discouraged me from making lasagna. It was a great choice because the lasagna was hot, savory and tantalizing.

Lasagna is served at Doppio Zero. Photo by Kathy Condon

Cinnamon Rolls Vegans

Can cinnamon rolls that are dairy-free and lactose free, cholesterol-free and egg-free taste good? Can they even taste remotely like the cinnamon rolls my mother used to make? As it turns out, they do.

Cinnaholic gourmet cinnamon rolls creators were on Shark Tank, but the deal did not work out. The concept was to create small stores with grab-and go concepts. The creators have implemented good business practices, and they now have franchises all over the country.

The customer chooses the plain roll and one of the 20 frosting flavors. They then select a topping. In my case I chose peaches. It was delicious and a great upgrade to my mom’s traditional cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon Rolls with White Peach Topping. Photo by Kathy Condon

All American Breakfast

You may want an all American breakfast when traveling. I like eggs, toast, sausage and coffee. It was suggested that the Bay Leaf Cafe could be just what I needed to begin my day.

The person was correct. Concord was a wonderful experience. With the perfect weather, and patio seating at the edge of an avenue lined with trees, I enjoyed my time there. I enjoyed listening to the couple who were surprised at all there is to do in Concord. I agree.

Breakfast at Bay Leaf Cafe. Photo by Kathy Condon

I asked the server whether they had any honey. They confirmed that they had honey and offered me the option of toast or homemade biscuit. The biscuit warmed up and absorbed the honey. My eggs were perfect. My grandmother served breakfast this way.

Find the best food in Concord, CA

My stay in Concord was unfortunately over. There was so much more to discover after three wonderful days. Concord’s Taco Trail has been a major draw for years, and I haven’t even begun. There are still so many restaurants to visit. You should visit the local wineries and the best restaurants while in Concord. Wander with Wonder is your guide when planning your trip to Concord or San Francisco, California.