The smell of it. I love the smell. The smell of it. Maybe it’s because my childhood was spent in a horse saddle. I am always on the lookout for leather products that will complement both my personal and travel lives. I was delighted to receive my AnsonCalder passport wallet. I knew that I had found a quality product. It turned out that I had also found a company with passion.  

Passport Wallet

I admit that I was skeptical when I agreed to test the passport wallet. I travel a lot. I have never used a passport wallet, or at least not until I found the AnsonCalder passport wallet. I use it daily and won’t travel without it ever again.

The passport wallet is beautiful and a great travel accessory. After only six weeks, the luxurious French calfskin has softened and adapted to my belongings.

The Anson Calder Passport Wallet is perfect for me. Photo by Susan Lanier Graham

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This is not an accident. David Smith, co-owner, said, “We looked at 80 different tanneries to find leather that was fashionable, functional, and of high quality. We wanted something that people would love and would work and last. We also wanted something that would age well.

When I opened the box to my passport wallet, I felt that quality. It’s sturdy, yet soft and luxurious. Smith says that high-quality leather allows Anson Calder split the leather down without compromising quality. The company strives to achieve what it calls “Engineered Luxury ™”. The minimalist design seamlessly blends form and function.

The Anson Cader Passport wallet in cognac. Anson Calder Photo

My passport wallet has been with me on many trips. The wallet has two slots that can be pushed to insert credit and identification cards. Each slot can hold up to four credit cards for a total eight. The money can be kept behind that. The boarding pass can be inserted into the slot behind the credit card. My passport is snugly seated on the opposite side. It’s not too loose nor too tight, in case I have to remove it.

The Anson Calder Passport Wallet makes it easy to find my boarding pass. Photo by Susan Lanier Graham

The credit card slots were a little tight at first. But after allowing the leather to adjust for a few days, they are now easily accessible. This passport wallet is not only great for travel, but it also fits in my bag during the day and in my clutch when I go out at night. It is my favorite travel accessory. This would be a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, or weddings. The passport wallet comes in either black or cognac and costs $160. It can be personalized for an additional $15.

Anson Calder: What makes him special

My Anson Calder wallet has the same quality workmanship as all their products. Smith said that the company uses a double-tanning process from top to bottom so that the leather inside and out is the same. The leather will self-heal after the tanning process, which is infused with wax and natural oils.

All edges are burnished and not painted. Hand tacks are used at different pressure points to add aesthetic value and also serve as a design element. It’s not just the products that I appreciate, but the people who run the company.

Anson Calder creates leather products with a focus on fashion, quality, and function. Photo courtesy Anson Calder

Curtis Calder, the founder of Calder Capital, was an investment banker who had been successful for six years. He was fascinated by design, and more specifically with precise and intelligent design. He made his first “wallet”, a prototype, out of packing tape and printer paper because he could not find a wallet that he liked. He never thought about creating leather goods until March 2013, however. In March 2013, he was told he had Facioscapulohumeral Muscular dystrophy (FSHD).. Calder was aware of FSHD, as it had been the disease that forced his grandfather to use a wheelchair thirty years ago.

Calder, who was facing a rapid decline if he continued to work at J.P. Morgan without being mobile, quit his job. Anson Calder was founded by Calder and Allison in January 2015. The company was named after their oldest son Anson who shares the same name as Calder’s great grandfather.

Anson Calder donates a percentage of each sale to the FSH Society in order to show their support and support research, education, treatment and efforts towards developing a cure.

Anson Calder Leather Products

All Anson Calder leather goods are made from the same materials and workmanship of exceptional quality. The basic card wallet remains a popular product. It is only 1/8″ thick and can hold all your credit cards (between 10 to 12).

Original Anson Cader card wallets. Photo courtesy Anson Calder.

The wallet is also available in a cash version that can hold 12 cards plus cash. This wallet also comes in RFID protection and is 1/8” thin.

The Laptop Brief is what I am looking at. This beautiful leather bag is available in either 13” or a 15” size. It uses the “AnsonCalder System” to allow you to customize it to meet your needs without wasting space.

Add a laptop bag, a battery pack, an umbrella and catches-all cases. You can attach these accessories in any way you like, whether it’s on the inside or outside of the bag. Add a strap so that your bag can be placed on top of the roller bag. You can choose different colors, such as a cognac bag and black straps. It’s probably the most beautifully designed bag I have ever seen. This leather briefcase starts at $1050.

Get Your Anson Calder leather goods

I would highly recommend the Anson Calder Passport wallet. The Anson Calder passport wallet has revolutionized the way I travel. It’s streamlined my bag and changed what I bring with me. All I need is right there in my hand. It is beautiful, luxurious and works. Anson Calder’s products make me feel good because a portion of each purchase is donated to the FSH Society. Shipping and returns are free in the U.S. Original card wallets can be purchased at a 20% discount while supplies last. Word of mouth marketing is definitely the most effective tool for this company. I’m sure I’ll tell everyone about my Anson-Calder passport wallet.