Beats allows you to manage your Beats headphones, earphones and other accessories from your smartphone. Here is the Ultimate Guide for Learning Beats Headphones.

Are you having trouble pairing or connecting your Beats headphones with your smartphone? You want to quickly connect your iPhone with your Beats headphones? Visit our guide to the best Beats headphones.

The average American commute one-way is 27 minutes. This is the perfect time for many people to listen to their favourite songs. Others listen to educational podcasts.

It can take up to five minutes for you to figure out how your Beats headphones are paired. This is a lot of time wasted for a minor problem.

Continue reading to learn how you can improve your Beats listening experience.

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How to Set up and Turn on Beats Headphones

You are limited by headphones that have wires. When you are worried about the wires and jacks of your headphones, it is difficult to use your phone. Don’t forget that the headphone wire can become entangled in things.

You can eliminate the wires by using Bluetooth headphones!

The wires and jacks of headphones are also frequently damaged. Many people buy wireless headphones for this reason. Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are known for their comfort and quality.

You should learn how to setup Bluetooth headphones if this is your first Bluetooth headset. Beats headphones feature a power switch and an indicator on two different sides. To turn on the headphones, press down the power button for a minimum of a second.

Check the indicator light on the opposite side of your Beats headphone. If the light is steady and glowing, the headphones are already connected. If the light blinks, it means you need to connect the headphones to a device.

It is important to note that the headphones are only discoverable after five Fuel Gauge light flashes. You must pair your Beats Headphones in a different way depending on the device you are using.

Beats by Dr. Dre is a good brand of Bluetooth headphones. Photo by stockSnap, via Pixabay

Here are the steps to connect your Beats headphones with various devices.

Beats Headphones pairing for Android devices

Turn on Bluetooth on your Android device when your Beats is ready to pair. Go to Settings > Bluetooth settings. You will see a list Bluetooth devices that your Android phone has discovered and to which it can connect.

Search for your Beats headphones on the list of Bluetooth devices in your phone. Make sure that your Beats headphones is ready to pair again before you tap on it. Both devices will now start pairing.

It is possible to pair your Beats headphones and Android device. Photo by Prayad Ksasaeng via Pixabaly

You may see a checkbox or a pop-up verification on your screen. Verify and grant access to your mobile device. You are now ready to use Beats headphones on your Android phone.

Do you have trouble connecting Bluetooth headphones to Android devices? Bluetooth may be turned on for too many devices. Beats headphones may be confused about what device to connect with.

It is possible that your headphones will try to connect with a different device. Disable Bluetooth on all other devices. Turning your Bluetooth device on and off again is another way to troubleshoot.

Pairing iPhones with Beats using iOS 11 or Later Versions

Let’s now talk about how to connect Beats with iPhones and/or iPads. The first step is the same for iOS devices. To pair your Beats headphones, turn on the headphones and ensure they are ready.

Open the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone. Keep your iPhone unlocked and turn on Bluetooth. Wait for the popup to appear when you hold the Beats headphones 2 inches from your iPhone.

You can connect your Beats with an iPhone. Photo by Aixklusiv on Pixabay

You may need to follow additional instructions on your iPhone in order to connect Beats. You’ll soon be able to use Beats headphones if you follow these instructions. Learn to connect Beats with Mac devices by following the steps for connecting Android devices.

Your Beats headphones are not connecting to your iPhone. Turn off and then on the Beats headphones. It is also possible that you need to update your iOS software.

If the problem persists, delete other devices from your list. Resetting your iPhone’s settings for the network is another possible solution. If you are sure that your iPhone is having a problem, restart it.

Note that Beats headphones can update their firmware on their own. When your headphones are paired with an iPhone running iOS 11 or higher, the firmware will be automatically updated. You’ll need to use the Beats Updater if your iPhone does not have iOS 11 or higher.

Unpairing your Beats headphones from your smartphone and connecting to another device

You now know how to pair Beats Wireless headphones with your device. What if you need to connect your headphones with a different device. Beats headphones reconnect automatically to the device they were previously paired with.

Open the Bluetooth on the device that you wish to pair your headphones with. Tap on your headphones in the list of Bluetooth devices. This process will immediately connect your Bluetooth headphones to iPhones and iPads.

How to use and set up your wireless headphones

Open the Bluetooth list of your new Android device if you wish to pair Beats headphones with it. Select the Beats headphones by selecting the name. You may need to re-establish your Beats in some cases.

Press and hold the power switch on the Beats headphones for 5 seconds. Select the new device on your phone once the headphones have been paired. Turn off Bluetooth on the other devices if you are having trouble connecting.