Finding “cool” stuff along the way is one of the highlights of my travels. This article was originally written in 2012. I decided to revisit the products and check if they are still available. This is an update on some of our favorite travel products.

The set of Josh Guyot squishy bowls is one of the most innovative and fun finds. These collapsible cups are great for travel. You can choose from a set of cups and bowls for, a small bowl that is perfect for a shot, a medium bowl with many uses, or even a bowl-and-cup combination. These bowls are perfect for travelling with kids or Fido, as well as for those who want to be able pick up food at the local Farmer’s Market to eat in their hotel rooms.

Guyot Squishy Bowls. Photo courtesy Guyot

I am always on the lookout for new bath products. Napa Soap Company makes great bar soap. All of them are 100% natural, and they come in a variety of “flavors”, such as Cabernet Soapignon (also known as Cabernet Soapignon), Honey Please Pass the Soap (also known by this name), Ocean Potion, and Cocoa-Loco. Check them out online at Since discovering Napa Soap Company I have also discovered Olive Oil Soap made in Arizona by Olivespa. It’s incredible.

Napa Soap Company’s Cabernet Soapignon. Photo courtesy Napa Soap

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Acca Kappa produces some of my favorite products. This Italian company has everything from brushes to hair and body care products. The White Moss Body Lotion  and the Lip Balm SPF15 are two of my favorites. The body lotion comes in travel-sized sizes  Both smell and feel like pure luxury. You can also purchase the products online. There is an Acca-Kappa boutique in Las Vegas, at the Grand Canal Shoppes of the Venetian. The products are also available in many spas and boutiques at fine hotels.

Acca Kappa White Moss Lotion in a travel size. Photo courtesy Acca Kappa

Baronessa Cali soaps  Oliva’s products are based on ancient recipes that use Italian Olive Oil with olive oil extracts. The soap smells like a delicious treat and is packed with vitamins. The company offers a wide range of deeply moisturizing products.

Oliva Green Sapone with Classic Oliva Fragrance. Photo courtesy Cali Cosmetics