It is a magical experience to ski through the fresh snow. Here are the top winter resorts to plan your next ski vacation.

Ski holidays will be the most popular winter trips in 2023. Everyone should try skiing and snowboarding. You will soon change your mind if you are sceptical about skiing and think you’re in no shape to do it. Consider booking ski holidays that include everything. If you are a beginner or an experienced skier looking for the top ski resorts in Europe, read on to find out the best places to go in winter 2023.

Top Six Ski Holiday Destinations to Consider

Here are some winter destinations in 2023 that will allow you to experience pristine nature and discover new exciting places.

Skiing in Switzerland

Switzerland offers a quiet and peaceful place for celebrities to retire. One of Switzerland’s most popular attractions is the towering Swiss Alps. Relax in a comfortable resort and take advantage of the many ski slopes to enjoy a memorable winter vacation.

Book a skiing holiday in Switzerland and you will be rewarded with magic. Photo by Daniel G Bueno, via iStock. Getty Images

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Skiing in France

Paris is more than just croissants and the Eiffel tower. France has many ski resorts where you can enjoy a few memorable days skiing in one of its villages located at the foothills of the French Alps. It is the perfect place to plan your next skiing holiday.

Booking a French Alps ski holiday is easy. Val d’Isere is in the Tarentaise. Photo by ventdusud, iStock. Getty Images

Skiing in Andorra

Andorra, a tiny principality in Europe, is nestled between France and Spain. Andorra has some long, steep ski slopes despite its size. Andorra is a great place to visit for a weekend of skiing, shopping and spa treatments.

Enjoy the village of Arinsal or La Massana when you are not skiing. Photo by Martin Silva Cosentino, iStock. Getty Images

Skiing in Italy

If you are looking for a ski destination that is both affordable and enjoyable, Italy’s Dolomite Alps will not disappoint. Twelve ski resorts are located in Italy and offer more than 1,200 kilometers of trails. Skiing is not only a great way to enjoy the winter landscape, but also a social experience. Italy is a popular ski destination worldwide, so it’s a great place to go on a ski holiday.

View from above the famous Italian mountain destination: Cortina d’Ampezzo. Photo by Giacomomo, via iStock. Getty Images

Skiing iAustria

Austria , with its baroque buildings and Alpine villages will provide you with an unforgettable skiing experience. Austria has 13 ski resorts. Between ski trips there are many places to explore, including the Bohemian Forest, Lake Traun and the Alpine Zoo.

Mountain ski resort Zell am See, Austria. Photo by TPopova, iStock via Getty Images

Skiing Spain

Spain, is famous not only for its football addiction (soccer for those of us from the US), but also for the spectacular ski resorts it has to offer, such as the Aragonese Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada. Cortina is a popular destination for skiers looking for an apres-ski scene. Spain has many luxurious accommodations to choose from while on your skiing holiday of a life time.

Candanchu Village, Spain. Photo by pablorebo1984 from iStock via Getty Images

Booking Your Ski Holidays in Europe

Whatever ski destination you choose, it’s guaranteed that you will have a memorable ski holiday.

It’s a great opportunity to try something different and new. There are many ski deals available, so it is easy to choose the one that best suits your needs. offers a variety of ski deals for last-minute bookings. You can choose the best deal in your preferred ski destination, 2023. Wander has more information on Europe, skiing holidays, and winter getaways.