The six places you can visit in Normandy will allow you to discover the beauty and richness of this region.

Normandy is a must-see destination for tourists in France. This region, located in the north of France, welcomes millions visitors every year. If you are planning a trip to France, here are six places that you should visit in Normandy.
The D-Day Landing Beaches

The D-Day landing beaches Utah Beach (also known as Utah Beach), Omaha Beach (also known as Gold Beach), Juno Beach (also known by the name Sword Beach), and Juno Beach are among the most visited areas in Normandy. D-Day was held on these five beaches on June 6, 1944. More than 4.5 millions visitors visit the site each year.

The US Navy memorial for D-Day is located on Utah Beach, Normandy France. Photo by Gerard Koudenburg, iStock via Getty Images

You can explore these somber places by visiting the Normandy American Cemetery, the British Military Cemetery, the Airborne Museum and Normandy Victory Museum. You can also see remnants of the Second World War, such as the fortified Hillman site or the Douvres-la-Delivrande radar station.

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The Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial is located in Colleville-sur-Mer in Normandy. It honors American soldiers who died during World War II in Europe. Photo by Stephen Bridger, iStock. Getty Images


Mont-Saint-Michel, with 2.5 million visitors a year, is the second-most visited place in Normandy. It’s also one of the top places to visit in Normandy Tours. The island city is composed of 65 buildings. Its construction started 13 centuries ago. Visit its medieval village, ramparts and museums. Its bell tower is the abbey’s most distinctive feature. The tower reaches a height of 515 feet 157 meters and is topped by a statue depicting Saint Michael, Archangel.

The famous tidal Island of Le Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy at dusk. Photo by BlueJayPhoto, via iStock. Getty Images

Restaurants are located in the narrow streets on the lower level of Mont-Saint-Michel. Try the Omelette Souffle (puffed egg) of La Mere Poulard. There are also souvenir shops, and a range of Normandy Hotels. Normandy is a magical place for a holiday.


Giverny, a charming village in Normandy, is another place to visit. Claude Monet spent more than 40 of his years in Giverny. You can explore the artist’s home, his studio and a number of his paintings in this beautiful place.

You feel like you are walking into a Monet masterpiece when you visit Giverny. Take this photo of a Pond of Water Lilies in Monet’s Garden. Photo by Luisa Carazzi via iStock. Getty Images

You can also stroll through the garden to admire its Japanese bridge and pond.


Honfleur, located in Normandy’s Calvados department, is a port city with a maritime and riverine character. This city is known for its old slate-covered fishermen’s homes. It dates back over a 1000 years and was the birthplace of the “Impressionism” movement. This is one of the six best places to visit in Normandy.

Honfleur, a beautiful seaport in Normandy, escaped the horrors of WWII. It is also considered to be the birthplace for Impressionism. Photo by Bruce Campos, via iStock. Getty Images

Visit its maritime museum, the magnificent Sainte-Catherine Church, and its salt kilns from the 17th Century. Enjoy a walk and a meal in the old port of Honfleur, or even a meal at a restaurant. More than 4 million visitors visit the port every year.


The Norman village of Etretat, nestled in the Alabaster Coast’s hollow, is a popular seaside resort. The 19th century French writers Guy de Maupassant and Gustave Flaubert were all guests at Etretat, as was Maurice Leblanc who created the Arsene-Lupin character.

Etretat is a small town in Normandy, France. It has a white chalk cliff and natural arches. Photo by encrier, via iStock. Getty Images

Etretat is a favorite destination of international tourists who are on holiday in Normandy. Its beautiful beaches and white chalk cliffs make it an attractive place to visit. Don’t leave Etretat before visiting the gardens which overlook the city, offering a breathtaking view of its cliffs.


Rouen has the most old buildings per resident in France. You can find Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Rouen in the center of this richly historical town. The nave reaches more than 28 meters (90 feet) in the air. The 13th-century stained glass windows and its exquisitely decorated façade date back to the 13th century.

Photo by e55evu via iStock by Getty Images. Photo by e55evu, via iStock. Getty Images

After visiting the cathedral, stroll through the charming Gros Horloge Street and its great clocks. You might also want to stop at the stunning Saint-Maclou’s church and then continue to the Saint-Ouen Abbey. Then, finish your tour by visiting the Joan of Arc Museum. You can book a tour to visit all the sites related to Joan of Arc.

Gros Horloge in Rouen, Normandy with its famous clock. Photo by samael334 from iStock. Getty Images

You will have unforgettable memories from these six diverse destinations. Enjoy the beauty of Normandy, and the rich history and culture that the region has to offer. Wander has more historic travel, and other things to do and see when you are in France.