Digital Nomad? Full-time RV Family? Denver is a great place to live if you’re bringing your children. Here are nine tips to help you explore Denver with your children.

Denver Metro is a wonderful place to visit, and it can also be your home base as a digital nomad. You will never be short of things to do in the Denver Metro area if you have children. You can find a thriving homeschooling community in the Front Range with clubs and groups of all kinds. Here are some tips on how to explore Denver with your children.

You can teach your children on the road in many ways. Photo by Getty Images via iStock

Take Many Field Trips

You can choose from a wide range of options for field trips when you arrange an extended stay in Denver. If you wanted, you could build an entire year’s curriculum around field trips to museums, zoos and outdoor activities. Denver has many cultural options for field trips, including art museums and theatres. Denver field trips cover a wide range of topics. You can also expand your options by looking at factory tours and entertainment venues.

Use the Parks

There are many public parks in the Denver area. Find a park that is convenient for you, whether you want to go out and play or spend the day studying in the Colorado sun. You may be like many nomadic families and homeschoolers who enjoy using parks after school when they can play alone, but also when other kids are around.

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Find the right group for you

Front Range is the mecca for nomadic families and those who homeschool. There are many groups and activities available. There are many different groups to choose from, including co-ops and loosely organized playgroups. There are co-ops that work like small schools, where parents can teach different classes. Your children will get classroom experience and you’ll get help with more difficult subjects like math and science. Some groups focus on hobbies and socialization, like book or chess clubs. Consider joining a group that is supportive of your homeschooling style. You are sure to find a group in Denver that suits your needs.

You can join groups that will help your children while you are homeschooling. Photo by SerrNovik, iStock via Getty Images

Join Extracurricular Activities

Colorado law allows children who are homeschooled to participate in extracurricular school activities, including sports, band and other activities. In some school districts, participation may be contingent on students attending a school class. Many homeschool teams and private schools welcome homeschoolers who don’t wish to participate in the sports offered by public schools.

Don’t Over-Schedule

You can easily fill your days up with all the events, activities and places you want to visit. It’s good to be busy, but don’t overschedule yourself or your kids. One of the greatest benefits for many homeschoolers or full-time digital nomadics is not having to rush around every day. They also have the flexibility and freedom to manage their time. All these activities may be good for you and your children, but remember to protect both your time and theirs.

Take Advantage of Your Library System

Front Range libraries are vast. You can use the local library, as well as neighboring libraries, which is great for Denver where many counties and cities come together. Local Libraries offer many benefits, including the ability to check out books. They also provide a great place to learn outside of your RV or hotel, participate in community activities such as chess clubs and take genealogy and computer classes. Public libraries offer many subscriptions and services online, including audiobooks, online courses, and research sites. Check with your local library to see if you can get a library card if you plan on staying in the area for a long time. You can usually work this out with smaller libraries.

Libraries are great places to teach children on the go. Photo by Santi Vedri on Unsplash

Get Into Nature

You have the benefit of beautiful, sunny weather for most of the year as a Colorado homeschooling family. Get outside as much as you can! You can easily reach the mountains from Denver within an hour. Since you don’t have to limit your access to weekends, you can visit the public land all year round. Consider scheduling outdoor activities like you would any other activity if you have trouble finding time during the week. Look at the weather forecast for the coming week and choose the best day to spend an afternoon or a whole day outdoors. You probably enjoy outdoor activities like hiking. These can be incorporated into your homeschool curriculum if you make Colorado your extended base.

Denver is home to some wonderful parks. Photo by deberarr from iStock. Getty Images

Free State Park Access

You can also access state parks for free if you hold a Colorado Library Card. Ask your local library for a pass. The process is the same as borrowing a book from a library. Some places may have long waiting lists for passes, but homeschool families have an advantage because they can use them on weekdays, when others cannot. You might want to consider purchasing a family pass if you frequent state parks. This way, you can go whenever you like.

Check Out Public-School-at-Home Options

If you are new to homeschooling, want some hand-holding, or don’t want to handle all the schooling responsibilities, consider public-school-at-home options. There are many options in Colorado. Charter schools allow you to select your curriculum, and public funding is available. Online public schools have regular session times with a local teacher.

Explore Denver with your Kids

Front Range is home to many homeschooled and nomadic families. There is also a vibrant homeschool community. This area is perfect for anyone who wants to live a homeschool lifestyle, no matter what their style, reason for homeschooling or personality. Wander has more fun things to do in Colorado, and the Western US.

You can encourage your children while they are on the road. Denver has many creative options. Photo by AnnaStills, iStock via Getty Images