Caddo Lake is a state-park with a twist in Texas. Caddo Lake, which covers 25,400 acres (not including the bayou), stretches between Texas and Louisiana. The maze of water, surrounded by tall cypresses, covered in moss, can be explored for days. You can camp in 46 different locations around the lake, as well as rent historic cabins. You can spend the day hiking, canoeing and fishing or boating along the waterways.

Caddo Lake State Park has great hiking and kayaking trails. Photo by Larry D. Moore, via CC BY SA 4.0

Take these items with you on your adventure

Pack for every weather condition when you go camping. Even in summer, waterproof items are a must. Include a cooking stove, a lantern, and other camping equipment in your gear.

Planning your camping trip with outdoor travel equipment. Photo by chanwity from iStock. Getty Images

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A good camping knife is one of the most useful pieces of gear. It can be used for food preparation as well as cutting vines that are attached to your canoe or for paring wood. A stainless steel knife is the best camping because it will not rust. If you’re visiting Caddo Lake you don’t need to bring your canoe or boat because you can rent one at several locations. However, it is recommended that you bring your own floatation device.

Enjoying the Water

Alligator safety is the first thing to think about before you venture out onto the lake or waterways. You should only swim within the designated areas because there are gators in the park. Swimming is not allowed after sunset because gators are most active in the morning and at dusk. Do not feed or harass alligators. If you see an alligator near a swimming area you must inform the park staff immediately.

Canoeists on Caddo Lake, in east Texas, enjoying a weekend. Photo by gapwedge from iStock. Getty Images

Caddo State Park allows canoeing and kayaking. The park has more than 50 miles worth of trails. It is best to plan your route in advance, as it can be dangerous to just meander through the water.

Hiking Caddo Lake

Hiking in the park is an excellent way to see the amazing wildlife. You can start at Big Cypress Bayou or Saw Mill Pond and hike through dense forests and up Pine Ridge Spur.

Caddo Lake also has turtles and snakes. It is home to raccoons. Hiking is a great time to spot some native birds, including the American Kestrel or Pileated Woodpecker.

You don’t need to take the trail if you are an experienced hiker. However, it is recommended that you bring a GPS device as the forest around the bayou area can be disorienting, especially at sunset when the shadows become long.

Caddo Lake is the perfect place for adventure camping. Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplashs

Caddo Lake Adventure Camping, TX

Caddo Lake, a wildlife haven and a great place to vacation for those who love the outdoors, is the ideal destination. Camping under the stars in the Texas wilderness is a great way to experience the best of Texas.