Do you need help planning the perfect dinner? These 8 food and beverage combinations will help you to create the perfect meal for someone.

Each person has a different way of washing down their delicious dinner. It is so common to create meal combinations that it can be found everywhere. Your mom probably used to lure you in your childhood with a combination of cookies and milk.

It’s not difficult to put together a meal. You should develop this skill. You can combine your meals in the same way you would mix and match clothes. All you need is creativity to create new ideas. Dinnerly is a great example of a company that has mastered the art and science of meal kits. They offer healthy meals as well as vegan options.

You may have been a little intrigued by our ideas. If so, let’s continue…

# 1 Oatmeal with Orange Juice

It’s a popular food and drink pairing that is served at many family gatherings around the globe. Breakfast is a great time to enjoy oats and orange juice. Oatmeal has many benefits, which are heightened when you add orange juice to the meal.

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Breakfast with orange juice and oatmeal can be a healthy and tasty combination. Photo by StephanieFrey from iStock. Getty Images

Combining these two items into a single meal is not only delicious, but it also has many health benefits. Men’s Health states that combining these two items can help prevent heart attacks. It will also help to clear out your arteries, giving you a healthy, robust feeling.

Donuts and Coffee # 2

Coffee and donuts are a popular pairing around the globe. Another important aspect is that “Dunkin Donuts”, the company’s brand, has made it known throughout the world.

Photo by tycoon751 via iStock by Getty Images. Photo by tycoon751 from iStock via Getty Images

Coffee and donuts are also well known as a food and beverage combination thanks to “Krispy Kreme Doughnuts”. According to a study, the combination of sugar and caffeine can improve memory, learning and attention span. Don’t go overboard with your morning routine. Donuts contain sugar as well. Moderation is key.

# 3 Seafood with Champagne

Many people find that seafood is good for their health, and they enjoy pairing it with champagne. Customers seem to like the combination of seafood and sparkling wine or champagne in many restaurants across the United States.

Champagne and other sparkling wines go well with seafood. Photo by Zufar kamilov via iStock. Getty Images

By chance, Champagne and sparkling wines are low in sugar and high in acidity. In contrast, seafood is high in calories. All of these ingredients combine to give you a pleasant taste.

# 4 Milk and Cookies

It is not surprising that seeing milk and cookies at the table brings back memories. It doesn’t matter where you are. Milk and cookies are served in many homes. Remember the time when you were in school and had sweets with milk at the same moment. You can have it for breakfast, dinner or both. Or as a small snack.

Photo by vasillybudarin via iStock by Getty Images Photo by vasillybudarin, via iStock. Getty Images

This combination of ingredients tastes so good for a reason. Mathew Hartings is a professor of Chemistry at American University, Washington D.C. He says that the interaction between the chemical components of our tongues creates a delicious taste when these two ingredients are combined.

# 5 Cheese & Wine

A picnic is a favorite activity for people who live near the ocean or in other areas where they can easily access water, such as along river or lake shores. It is incomplete without wine and cheese. Wine and cheese is another popular pairing that is used at various gatherings and meals.

The classic pairing of cheese and wine is one that has been around for centuries. Photo by Anita Warren-Hampson, iStock. Getty Images

Live Science states that the combination of wine and cheese has valid reasons. Additionally, people bring these two items along to picnics as they enjoy pairing soft cheese with wine and hard cheeses with red wine.

# 6 Mooncakes and Tea

Have you ever tried a mooncake? This particular cake, which originated from China, is now available all over the world. Mooncakes are often served with a cup tea in many countries.

Mooncakes are round Chinese pastries that are served with tea. Photo by Edy gunawan via iStock. Getty Images

In China, there’s a Mid-Autumn Festival where tourists go to try some of the distinctive Chinese food. This year it takes place on September 29. Mooncake Festival or Mid-autumn Festival in Mandarin, takes place on 15th of the 8th lunar month. The 15th day of this eighth lunar month falls in the middle of autumn. Hence, the name Mid-autumn Festival. Mooncakes are still the most popular food to enjoy during the festival.

# 7 Pizza and Soda

Pizza is not just Italian anymore. It has become a favorite among foodies around the world. The most popular pairings are pizza and soda. Coca-Cola is the most popular choice, followed by Dr. Pepper and Pepsi.

Photo by karandaev via iStock by Getty Images. Photo by karandaev, via iStock. Getty Images

Pizza is a must-have in any soda story. Both items are served in most pizza restaurants, but it’s also a common thing in parts of North America and Latin America. They could also be the perfect combination for a lighter meal with your partner or girlfriend.

# 8 Muscat and Desserts

The distinctive wine known by the name Muscat was produced for the first time in Italy. Most people enjoy muscat at home or at social gatherings with different desserts. This wine is popular because it has a mild taste and sweetness.

Muscat wine is a great pairing with dessert. Photo by ChuckPlace from iStock via Getty Images

No one knows for sure when or why someone can’t live without dessert. Business Insider says that desserts make us crave food. Desserts are a great way to keep things interesting and fresh. Particularly when combined with muscat. You won’t regret trying it.

Find the best food and drink combos

You should try at least one combination on its own to get a feel for the taste. As we gain a deeper understanding of food and beverage combinations, we will appreciate them more.

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