What is the secret of a day spent in Nevis that will stay in your mind forever? Hint: There’s much more to this Caribbean island than thrilling experiences and enriching adventures.

The island of is open to visitors. Nevis is part of St. Kitts & Nevis, a two-island country, and the Birthplace Alexander Hamilton. We were able to hike the 3,232-foot Nevis peak. We reserved the spa under the stars experience at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis where we were staying.

Arriving at Four Seasons Resort Nevis you will be welcomed by this stunning view of Nevis Peak. Photo by Kathryn Streeter

We hoped that this itinerary, which ranged from grueling and indulgent to grueling and grueling, would provide a perfect day on Nevis. It was a great day, but only partly because of the exciting activities.

Spoiler alert: Conversations with locals were the real thrill on this perfect day. Sounds overly simplistic? Listening to the lifelong residents speak about their homelands was more educational and enlightening than any other experience we could have thrown together.

Learn about Nevis Peak to have a perfect day in Nevis

The volcanic mountain, with its signature cloudy tip, is visible in almost every photograph. Five parishes on the island are arranged in “pizza-slices” starting at the top of cone. The mountain is mostly uninhabitable so the 13k islanders are grouped around the coast. A 19-mile-long road, without stoplights, circles the island.

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Clouds often hide the top of Nevis Peak. Photo by Kathryn Streeter

Fun Fact : Nevis is named after the cloud-swathed mountain that reminded Columbus in 1493 and his team Spanish explorers of “the snows.”

Hiking up Nevis Peak is a great way to spend a perfect day in Nevis

The climb to the summit of Nevis Peak can be strenuous, and there is often no visibility. We wanted to make this the first part of our perfect Nevis day. The resort concierge desk suggested that Devito (aka Kervin LIburd) from the family operated Sunrise Tours guide us on the grueling and muddy four-hour hike.

We met Devito in hiking shoes with a utility bag at 7:30 AM to beat the heat.

Pro tip: Start your hike at 2,695 feet, though Nevis Peak is 3,232 feet high.

What to expect on Nevis Peak

We started out in full sun, but soon we were plunged into a rainforest that was shady and humid. The foliage was dense and beautiful, with orchids and other ferns growing off the trunks and branches of trees. The ground became increasingly muddy and slippery. The ropes were essential for a safe scramble. Devito guided us and showed us how to use the ropes to their fullest advantage or to use a crevasse or root to climb.

Because of the steep slope and mud, it is necessary to use ropes when hiking Nevis Peak. Photo by Kathryn Streeter

Go: 1. Bring gloves because ropes can be rough for tender hands. 2) I saw Devito’s phone in a Ziplock bag, protected from mud.

All About Mangoes on Nevis

“Let’s discuss mangoes,” I said to Devito. I was excited about the topic, as I knew that mangoes were abundant on the island. He said that Nevis was the top mango producer in the Caribbean and home to more than 44 varieties. The rich soil of the island allows mangoes grow naturally, without any support or attention.

He said that mango lovers should come to the island in July, when it is at its peak. The popular summertime Mango Festival features local chefs’ creations which are judged and rated by an international celebrity chef panel.

Nevis’s annual Mango Festival is a celebration of mangoes. Photo by Nevis Tourism Authority

Cross-Channel Swimming in Nevis

I learned that Devito was a guide and asked him how many times he had climbed Nevis Peak. He smiled: “About one million.” “And I’m still there!” He said, indicating that we should not worry. We would survive.

He climbed the day before with two other swimmers to compete in the annual Cross-Channel swim that was taking place as we hiked. Devito pointed his thumb at Oalie Beach where the race begins. The 2-mile stretch of water between Nevis, St. Kitts, and The Narrows is a must-do for open-water swimmers. It attracts 350+ participants from around the world.

Participants from all over the world take part in Nevis’ 2-mile Cross-Channel swim across The Narrows and St. Kitts. Photo by Nevis Tourism Authority

Fun Fact: This event is a partnership with St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network and the local Special Olympics chapter to raise awareness of the endangered ocean species. Gifting Goggles is another initiative that encourages visitors to donate old goggles to the youth swimming program.

Must-See Sites in Nevis on a Perfect Day

Devito, who warned of post-hike pains, recommended healing hot springs located near the 1778 Bath Hotel, the oldest luxury resort in the Caribbean that once hosted celebrities. The popular beach bar Sunshine’s also offers a powerful rum drink called Killer Bee. He spoke about the 60+ church buildings in Nevis, and pointed to the oldest continuously operating church in the Caribbean (1643 St Thomas Anglican).

The oldest church in the Caribbean is 1643 St. Thomas Anglican Church, located on Nevis. Photo by Nevis Tourism Authority

View from the top of Nevis Peak

We enjoyed stunning views on our perfect day at Nevis. However, the top of the mountain was unfortunately clouded. Devito pointed out that the Island of Montserrat, and other landmarks could be seen without clouds.

Nevis Peak is a rare sight with no clouds. Photo by Mitchell Nover

Pro tip: Nevis has many moderate to easy hikes . Locals will tell you about the Golden Rock, Saddle Hill and waterfall hike.

Enjoy the Sunset at Four Seasons Resort Nevis Pier Bar to Complete a Perfect Day on Nevis

We sat in Four Seasons’ famous bar at the Pier and were enchanted with the setting sun.

The Four Seasons Resort is Nevis Pier Bar offers the best sunset views. Four Seasons Resort Nevis Photo

Spa under the stars for a perfect day in Nevis

The Four Seasons Resort Nevis Spa was the venue for our Spa under the Stars night. This experience includes a 180-minute spa treatment and a 4-course dinner. The treatment was a perfect way to balance the stress of the day’s first half. As we entered the candlelit, rose-petal carpeted entryway, we were welcomed by name and given plush robes. The bubbling volcanic-stone whirlpool, with its waterfall and lush landscaping beneath a starry night sky, made the garden sanctuary an exclusive retreat. The towels folded into swans, which are known to form monogamous relationships for life, added to the romantic atmosphere.

A Nevisian massage is part of a perfect day in Nevis

The treatment began with our signature Nevisian massage, a treatment that incorporates island oils, herbs, and spices. The treatment begins with a foot soak in soothing lemongrass water, followed by an aromatic scrub. The main treatment is a full-body massaging using long, flowing strokes that evoke ocean waves.

Four Seasons Resort Nevis offers a romantic spa experience. Four Seasons Resort Nevis Photo

A Perfect Day in Nevis is Not Complete Without Excellent Cuisine

My husband and I were relaxed but ravenous as we moved to the beautifully laid out white tablecloth for dinner. Tricia Williams was our dinner hostess. She is a native Nevisian and teaches full-time at St. James’ primary school. We talked about Nevis as she served an elegant menu that included quinoa-kale salads, seared scallops and beef medallion.

Spa Under the Stars includes a four-course dinner. This is the menu from my visit. Four Seasons Resort Nevis Photo.

Tricia was friendly and enthusiastic, sharing with us information about the approximately 30,000 wild green vervet monks on the island. Although enjoyed by tourists. They are a nuisance to the locals as they eat from farms and destroy gardens. Her insights provided a glimpse into the everyday lives of people.

Tricia’s dedication to her job was impressive. She is a member of the management team in the school where Tricia teaches, and she has worked as an “on call” employee for the resort over ten years.

Tricia Williams, our Spa Under the Stars Dinner attendant at Four Seasons Resort Nivis was a delight to talk with. Photo by Four Seasons Resort Nevis

Tricia said that working at Four Seasons was economically rewarding. It also allows her to express her values and talents while expanding her skills. She says the resort allowed her to interact with other cultures first-hand. The jargon and types of food and wine, the introduction of greetings in different languages and the intricate details about the places of origin of hotel guests add to the richness of experience I gain.

The Perfect Day at Nevis

Tricia’s perspective resonated in reverse with me as I was the one travelling. In this perfect day on Nevis, I was reminded of the fact that engaging with locals enhances travel. Through my interactions with locals, I felt a sense of kinship to the island. When planning your trip to the Caribbean, or any other magnificent beaches, let Wander with Wonder guide you.