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Want to take a cold bottle of wine to a picnic this summer? Need to keep that 6-pack chilled? Would you love something compact for carrying cold water or soda in the car during the hot summer months? Bella Vita Bags has a solution – insulated “Chill It” bags.

Bella Vita Bags started 10 years ago, offering sustainable and eco-conscious handmade paper bags made from the bark of mulberry trees. Today, the company also uses products made of jute, recycled cotton and now has a line of reusable, chillable bags they call “Chill It” bags.

I sampled a variety of these reusable bags and I love using them during the hot Phoenix summers. They are heavy, durable plastic with little bubbles of colored liquid that freezes solid. You just toss the bags in your freezer. They fold flat so they take up very little room. Anytime you want to keep a bottle cold, take the bag out, give it a minute to adjust to room temp, then pop your bottle in the bag. Your drink stays refrigerator-chilled for about an hour.

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Chill It bags come in several sizes – two-bottle bags, a cylinder-shaped bag for a single bottle (fits wine, champagne, or 750 ml liquor bottle), and six-pack bags ideal for beer, water, or soda. I also received one of the company’s new Chill It bottle wraps – freezable cells with Velcro around the ends so you can wrap one around a bottle and set it on the table. They come in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match – or use a different color for each different type of wine.

I adore these bags. They are perfect when taking a bottle of wine to a party or picnic in the hot summer months (or anytime when you want to make sure that bottle stays cold). I also find the Freezable Chill It 6-packs (shown here in purple) handy. This is perfect for keeping water cold when I’m in the car during the hot Arizona summers. I found this an ideal way to keep a couple of bottles of water and cans of soda cold during a road trip. The items stay refrigerator-cold for about an hour, then gradually warm up, but my water stayed at a nice drinking temp for several hours. Of course, beer drinkers will love these for a 6-pack at the park or on a picnic. They are ideal for tailgate parties.

The Chill It bags come in an assortment of colors – from clear to cotton candy pink, lime, or even black. There are also several 2-tone bags, with a couple of colors ideal for holidays such as the 4th of July or Christmas (think red and white or red and green). You can even find a fun zebra stripe or funky aquarium-style bag.

You can find Chill It bags at select wine and beverage shops, or purchase online at Amazon.com. Prices start at $7.95 for single-bottle bags and $13.95 for six-pack sizes. For more on Chill It bags, you can view the full selection of offerings from Bella Vita